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Industry Telecoms.
Number of customers 287 million across 25 countries.
Claim to fame Slough Aspire. A collaborative approach enabling the public, private and education sectors to develop joint solutions to address the barriers to skill development and local recruitment.

Right place, right people

The M4 corridor is a very strong pool of resources for us. We find a lot of ICT and technology specialists here who can work in an HQ environment. The motorway also means we are connected to our consumers, business customers and marketing agents in London.

In February 2012 we conducted Europe’s largest flexible work trial. we used the day to trial new technologies which enables employees to work away from the office. We also found out that the average travel time to work for our employees was 45 mins each way. This modest travel time has enabled us to attract the right kind of employee. With great rail and now bus access, a large car park and with the ability to organise flexible work hours, Telefonica is an employer which attracts a great workforce. All the business conducted innSlough works in a flex-working culture.

Since we moved here, BlackBerry RIM, LG, HTC and Huawei have moved to Slough and Vodafone have gone to Newbury, just along the M4 corridor. So there is another pool of resources. We are one of RIM’s biggest customers, so from an account management point of view it is easier for them to be right next door.


We are part of a multi-national corporation and one of the biggest integrated telecoms organisations in the world. So we need to be near an airport. It is not just the UK HQ here. It is our European HQ, too. There is a continuous flow of traffic between Slough, Heathrow, Madrid and Latin America.

Community and the future

At O2, we are looking for ways to help the Council look after the local community. Our ‘Think Big’ programme has approved 292 projects in the Slough area. One of these is a dance workshop which encourages people from different cultures, religions and backgrounds to get involved and helps with building community cohesion. It is also working on a project in creating a music video for young people which is about the different stereotypes young people in the area face and helps to de-mystify these and give the young locals a voice. Telefonica is committed to local community engagement.

Telefonica is also very excited to be working with Slough Borough Council & Central Working on the Slough Aspire project. It is the first time we have worked on a project like this. We are excited not only for the community engagement of the project but how it can help British businesses to flourish. In doing so we have formed a great relationship with James Mayfield from Central Working and feel this project would be a great model for other towns and communities to implement.

Telefonica (O2)

In Slough, we have sales, marketing, finance, operations, IT and network technology people. So a lot of our business planning and creation of innovative services goes on in Slough. Next it is O2 Ville – our vision over the next three years on how O2 can help customers connect to the people and things that are important to them, like health and financial services, M2M devices, WIFI and unified comms.

Ben Dowd - Business director at Telefónica O2

Why Slough?

We have been in Slough for over 20 years now. Around 2,500 of our people are here. As we have grown, we have thought about moving away. But there is too much in Slough to keep us here.

  • We work in a very sustainable building. We have cut CO2 emissions by about 50% and saved £3 million. There is more space and light, too. We keep large chunks of space available for homeworkers, who only need to be in the office a couple of days a week.
  • We give business customers tours of the office. And we offer our boardroom to enterprise customers for board meetings.
  • We also give ‘our space’ tours. These show off the space we have now and tell the story of how it has changed. We show how we are using technology to help our sustainability.

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